" 57 Years Of



Culture "


Rabbi Robert Devine

Founder/Chief Rabbi

" Let the elders that rule well be

counted worthy of double honour,

especially they who labour in the

word." 1 Timothy 5:17

Our Site would be remiss if we spoke about us without the mention of our great teacher and spiritual leader, The Honourable Enlightened Rabbi Robert Devine.

At the age of 85 Rabbi Devine is still tilling the soil in the mimistry and has done so for 57 years. Rabbi Robert Devine of the House of Israel Hebrew CultureCenter still performs a full range of Rabbinical services for the congregation located at 100 Devine Lane in Braxton, MS. Rabbi Devine teaches that the original Hebrew Israelites were black, and the negro in North America is a direct descendant of these people. Rabbi Devine received this message in 1951. He was ordained as a Church of God in Christ minister in 1952. He continued his studies in the Ethiopian Hebrew School in Chicago and the Jewish School of Studies also of Chicago, which is now called Spertus College. The House of Israel Hebrew Culture Center was founded and organized by him in 1955 in Chicago. He attained the status of Rabbi in 1956. Other congregations established by Rabbi Devine include Gary, IN; Covert, Mi;

Indianapolis, IN; Milwaukee, WI; Jackson, MS: Vicksburg, MS; and Hazlehurst, MS.

Out of these congregations established by Rabbi Devine four remain open. The House of Israel Hebrew Culture Centers of Braxton, MS; Vicksburg, MS; Hattiesburg, MS; and Meridian, MS, who has as their spiritual leader Minister KahzreEl Ben Israel.

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